Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Favorite Older Cars That I Like!

             This was inspired by a friend of mine and today's post, I am going to talk about my favorite old cars. Now the origin of me really loving the old cars was the Fabulous 50's Festival in Bowmanville when it was called this as it is under a completely different name every year which mind you, is now on Father's Day each and every year so that has been off the schedule for the past several years in the way of events as my dad is normally busy with my brother. However there is always the car festival weekend at the end of August. Now I currently volunteer my time with a group for the Kars on King but the weekend definitely be down at the lake looking at the cars again this year since when I volunteer on the Friday, I will not have time whatsoever to look around. Anyways here is my list of cars I really like and it isn't a huge list but here it is:

1) Edsel- Also known as the lemon car, my dad introduced me to this car as we saw and he had to explain to me why they call it the Lemon car do to the lemon shape on the front Grill of the car and I added a picture which is one of my pictures I took last years Car Show down at the lake. First time I saw an Edsel was at the Fabulous 50's Car Show which I mentioned above but my dad had to explain what the heck an Edsel is and what company made it etc.

2) Delorean- Yes the car that was in the movie Back to the Future. I never knew what a Delorean looked like till I got to see the actual movie and now I know what it looks like. It sure looks like a steel tank honestly but don't forget that is how they built those cars back in the day.

3) Trans Am- Another wicked car back then and was introduced to these in Smokey and The Bandit but that is besides the point, I love the power behind the car and it is an indeed a fast car and I honestly Love the fast cars.

4)  This is my last one on the list and the picture above shows you what it is and it is no other then the Chevy Belair which is one of my favorite classic 50's car from when I was younger and just love the two toned cars especially, I really like as well.

                There is my list and I know there is more and I could make this a series each and every week and if you guys would like to see that please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see 1 or 2 more of these please do let me know in the comment and be sure to follow the blog too so you know when a new post goes up! 


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