Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Norms Deli Food Review

                Yesterday, I went to Norm's Deli with one of my friends and also former Staff from back in the days of YouTube era for me. Anyways we had to travel from the mall to the Bowmanville which was about 30 minute journey for us and we just made the bus in time, I had to run and I ended getting a really bad leg cramp and took a few minutes for me to actually get the cramp out of my leg and it was hard to deal with. I think it's because I have slowed down with the running unless I need to do it necessarily. Anyways we both got the bus and arrived in Bowmanville. Now to be honest I have been to the deli before so my review is so obvious what I am going to review, however I have never done a review but have had almost everything there. However I had yesterday, the Pierogies with Sausage and yes Sauerkraut which I had for the first time ever last year but had it again. Now their hot food and buns are all made fresh each and everyday so with saying that the meal was so good. The Sauerkraut tasted different then any other one I had last year. The Sausage was so tender and nice, I didn't have mustard with it or nothing but don't forget I put the Sauerkraut with it which was unbelievably good. Finally the Pierogies were so tender and juicy with the sauteed onions with Sour Cream was really good. 

                 Overall I usually give a review out of 5 but this time around, I am giving the food 10 all day out of 5. That is right I actually am giving 5 extra stars as it exceeded my expectations as the food was so good they sure deserve the extra 5 stars and I do not usually do that but making an exception as I actually know the owners as my family and I been there many times and we got Kielbassa from there but they only have that once a month, however I really always loved their Kielbassa as it is always fresh and really good as well. The day overall was a great day, we really enjoyed ourselves and Eric did not eat as he forgot to bring money but made a promise for him to come back in the fall for his birthday to celebrate it and he don't know this but I am going to treat him for lunch for his birthday. Been thinking about this since we departed ways after our fun day. He won't know as he hasn't seen my website and this post will be buried by September. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review, I enjoyed writing it and about the day in general and I will be back with another post tomorrow. 


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