Friday, April 30, 2021

Motivating Myself and Updates!

                 I am fighting through all these changes and fighting with my mental health on a daily basis and it will be a week tomorrow since The CBOTW Show ended and just gotta keep fighting and get into this role of solo projects. This week in general has been hard and I have to get a good rhythm with the notes as I am giving myself about a week to a week and half to finish up the notes then I have to email them to Larry and then get right ahead with the SPD and Mystic Force.  Getting motivated to get the notes done and watch the show and the beauty of it all we are getting down lower amount as we continue on down the long winding road of Samurai which is not as long as you guys think really. It's coming this year, end of this year to be exact. I also have to motivate myself to work on notes for the rebooted Entertainment Man Podcast which is awaiting it's return in a month tomorrow to be exact as I said June 1st is the re-launch and we're moving to a Monday instead of a Sunday.  

              Just gotta keep grinding and when I feel tired to take a break and play video games which I did Wednesday night. because its a long haul still to go as I still gotta watch SPD and Mystic Force which you all know by now I dreading to watch as it doesn't seem to interest me in a season and probably isn't going to be in this batch but we'll have to wait and see. Enough of Power Rangers Podcast, I have some great ideas and brought them up to my management team and friends, especially alum that I wanna open up more about The Video Projects Team aka TVPT which for those who know did not end well on good terms with the staff as they got up and quit and not made myself or anyone on the team aware of them quitting. I know I hid the fact that team ever did exist and it is time to come out with the honest truth with why and I wanna dedicate a bunch of episodes to it on and off during the 3rd season of the podcast. I think you guys deserve the truth why I have hidden it for almost 7 years now why I have buried the fact that it did exist. That will be coming near the start of the 3rd season and may be an extended episode. Between both podcasts I am busy and trying to motivate myself and that is what matters and going to keep trying if I do not succeed the first time. Have a great weekend!


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