Monday, May 3, 2021

I Am Back To Blogging on Mondays! Also Over 1200 Views Friday or Saturday!

                Well I am back to blogging on Mondays again! That is right, I am now a full time blogger again not 4 times a week. Matt has stepped back from blogging on the website as he states it's my website with my name.  However Matt is still involved! He is still the website admin and you will see him around the social media and email minus my Instagram which is me that answers you guys 100% of the time.  So you guys never know, it may be Matt the one that answers you in a private message or even the email as he has access to it. I want to take the time and thank Matt for everything he contributed to this website whether it was on the blog itself or even behind the scenes of the website, recoding the menu bar as he did recently which looks absolutely amazing I may add to the post to even being in the Discord when I had Discord at one point or even the website chat, he was always one way or another involved with the site even in the smallest way.

              Now the website portion of this post. I am really impressed with you guys. You guys are completely awesome! I do not usually care about views but I had to post and give you guys props for the amazing support. Without you guys this website wouldn't function or be even around anymore. Goes to show myself, Tiala and Matt have put into this site and ChrisBOnTheWeb is close to it's 7 year anniversary in the coming months and in time we hope to bring some more amazing content to the website soon! Thank-you guys, I can not thank you guys enough for coming on the website reading, listening and watching the content that I put out there. This week I will be explaining everything from Entertainment Man Podcast to the video content and a possible schedule for some of the podcasts! This will be the content for this week and I will be looking forward to updating you guys on everything this week. 


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