Thursday, April 29, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast Season 3 Details!

               I had this elaborate plan to stall till end of the week to tell you guys the plan with the podcast but I thought, this isn't the right to make you guys wait so I went 2 days earlier. Anyways you probably have a ton of questions about Entertainment Man Podcast and here is information that you will wanna know:

- What Season will this be? This is the 3rd season as I only had 10 episodes in the second season but plan to come back every week.

- How Long will Season 3 Last? Will go to the end of December just before Christmas happens and that will help decide whether we will be back for a 4th season in 2022 but that is for later on.

- What about Interviews that I did in Season 2? Will those return eventually? Yes that will be back eventually, more then likely not till a 4th Season scenario at this moment as I wanna get back the momentum of this podcast first and the hang of it.

- Will this be Audio ONLY? Because of the on going issues with YouTube we as a network will remain Audio Only for the foreseeable future and we have 0 plans to go video anytime soon. I just do not wanna promise then heck breaks loose.

- When is the podcast starting? Sunday, June 6th, 2021 the podcast is being launched. We are sticking to our Sunday slot as it seems to have been working in the past and we  wanna continue to keep it in that same slot.            

             There are some of the questions you may have if you have anymore to contact us at anytime if something would come up or you need to discuss it. Also I may just bring up on a post so all of you know but I am excited for June 6th and the return of the podcast just gotta figure out some ideas moving forward. 


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