Wednesday, April 28, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb and Being A Brand.... What Does This Mean?

                 You didn't know this and I for one didn't know about this till a friend told me that ChrisBOnTheWeb is a brand because it has my name on it and this brand represents me. So having a team at this point is not the best thing for a team situation moving forward. This is why I have decided to dissolve the team all together and keep certain people on with me. Kind of why I wanted to make this post. For blogs, will be still 5 days a week but that may be changing soon enough as the demand on this website has been up lately and YES I am talking about the analytics for Let's just say they are very high now and it is time to continue to grow this thing.  You probably noticed the Extra Content tab pop up and has yet to be activated yet but will be working on it in the coming weeks. Now for the team, I have set back into place the Management Team which consists of 2 people, Tiala who is an Senior Advisor and Matt who continues to work on the website and he has lived up to his expectations with the recent change with the website menu bar or navigational bar. That is it for the team, small but dedicated team and excited for the new beginnings and people do not like it, then in the words of Boston Rob from Survivor: "That's Too Bad!"  Yeah I quoted him as he's said that on Survivor and Amazing Race.

                 The question you may have what about Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and yes that is still very much a thing and working on the notes this week to get it done and ready to go so I can send em to Larry and get recording which an announcement is coming soon. Just holding off a bit longer but it is very much still a thing of the present and future of this website. I am not going to be giving up on it anytime soon. That is in full tilt since I have a ton of time on my hands right now and getting ready to start SPD soon so Larry and I can record those too as well. So we are not short of any content and both Larry and I have other plans with the movies for Power Rangers Collab Podcast and also a rankings podcast is in the works too so we are keeping busy with it definitely.  Welcome to the new and improve ChrisBOnTheWeb & and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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