Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My Motivation Hasn't Been All There Lately....

                   The last while, I am noticed that I haven't been motivated to work whatsoever as I have been dealing with depression and mental health being stuck in Isolation nearly 8 months now and it has been a struggle. I have been really trying to get the workload done and finished and I managed to finish it. I have to realize this, I have to put my priorities in order and I have been good to do that. With not being as motivated has put both Larry and I behind schedule with the Collaboration Podcast and it is my fault. honestly. I wasn't prioritizing myself properly. Today for example I know what I have to do is get the podcast recorded this morning for the weekend, edit and I am sure while I edit I will end up start the next collab podcast while waiting for the recording of the current one to happen. Anyways I need to remember to know when to stop with the workload and I need to stop at like 3 or 4 pm EST or even take breaks to help me get refocused and keep on the right track.

                    I know I haven't been overly active on Social much and lost tons of followers but I need to remember to make posts from time to time.  In the end my Mental Health is the most important thing for me to get under control first and that is why some days you don't see much in making many posts at this moment and I promise you guys I need to get posting a ton more during the day. I made a video post yesterday which is very rare I do anymore as I am just busy with the work. I need to be more on the ball with being active on Social Medias and I know when I am depressed like I have been, I tend to not say anything.  I should be a bit more open with you guys to be honest to how I am feeling and the fact I have been working non stop doesn't help with my depression nor the motivation of bringing out content especially on time like today which is extremely late coming out but that's OK we have lives to live. In the end I really need to buck down on social media posts more and start making a ton of posts as recently lost a ton of followers.


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