Thursday, November 5, 2020

Rumors Going Around About Me and The Recent Hiatus Collab Podcast Announcement

               I know with the recent announcement of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast going on Hiatus as of start of early next year due to our scheduling being wacky and non stop technical issues and yes I still am having problems and I will highlight some of our issues that we had in another blog post next week at some point and not sure when though but you will see it. Anyways, I have had emails from some of you guys that the reason there will not be any podcasts is because 1) We're waiting till June and 2) I am going to be on Big Brother Canada next year! Yeah, sure, for one I never auditioned this year. I admit I was going to but just had no time with the new podcast and Collaboration Podcasts and I wanted to audition. I know I have 15 days but with the state of COVID-19, I do not wanna risk myself getting the virus being in the house for 3 months. I know I'd be safe and production would take care of me but honestly it isn't worth it. I mean I can wait one more year unless that was an All-Stars season for BBCAN10. Plus I am one busy person constantly creating content for you guys and with this recent transition from my own Reality TV Recap Podcast Series to Personal, Business and Self Help Podcast.

              However, I give you guys credit, it is a very good cover-up why I would drop the podcasts while I am playing the Big Brother Canada game and it makes totally a lot of sense why a hiatus would be doable but I ensure you, I am not going on the show, not this season at least, I wanna make sure I continue to grow the podcast as it is heading into it's second season in January. Also the reason for this hiatus is to fix things with the collaboration podcast which again I will highlight on another post next week. It will be a long several months but I think it will be worth the hiatus while him and I catch up on notes and fix any tech issues. Anyways this made me laugh and you guys are putting ideas in the back of my mind when I end auditioning and getting onto the show down the road. Just have to make the time away from content and planning would have to go into that. Anyways I will see you in tomorrow's post.


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