Saturday, March 18, 2017

Busy Week This Week So Far!

       It has been a crazy week with a lot of emotions towards the "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts and the website we all know and love, It has been me fixing a tons of problems with the website and now technical issues with Stitcher, I have made many changes within the podcasts just tonight alone, you would not believe the many changes I have made. One of those changes being that I made the decision to pull my "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts from Stitcher, even though I fixed the RSS feed and it didn't make a difference  however it's now can be found on Player.FM another website for podcasts which is good. One door close and another one opens and that is exactly what has happened. I have been looking into getting my podcast added to that site for a while since the start of my podcasts. 

        Another problem this week was getting the notes ready for the Big Brother Canada Preview. I was suppose to have it up a week ago and ended up having it up Wednesday, the night of the start of Big Brother Canada.  However I got it up minus stitcher as that was the start of issues with Stitcher and I made it clear with Stitcher Staff I was pulling out of as Thursday morning, I started to think, hmm maybe it is time to call it quits and move on. I am not making a big deal over it and if I chose to I could talk to to the Stitcher Staff and trust me I sent them a nice email and being calm and cool over the situation, lets hope I hear something in the next few days what is going on. But as of right now I am not with Stitcher until I know further, the stitcher button is off at this point. The more partners the better my podcasts get out there, if I do not hear anything in a week then I am moving on from there, I am not going to bother. I just do not want to re upload everything again and rebuild the entire followers I have which I think I got 5. We'll see what happens. Justin said Player.FM is probably a better choice for my podcasts. I trust my Staff's opinion trust me, I've learned to listen to my team and they know best. The next crazy thing that happened was my website buttons malfunctioning and I ended up resetting my entire website to the point I had to rebuild it from scratch.

         So this week has not been a very smooth week and it has been a rollercoaster of problems but also emotions as well. I am turning the negatives into a positives and I working on Big Brother Canada Recap today post that up so it's up to date then move on to next week with a fresh start and try and improve on things. 

Have a Great Saturday!


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