Thursday, January 7, 2021

Getting Entertainment Man Podcast's 2nd Season Off The Ground Wasn't Easy!

               Yesterday I got to record the first episode of Season 2 of Entertainment Man Podcast and boy it wasn't easy to get it off the ground honestly. So many technical issues that was actually caused by me as I seem to totally forget about my own setup here in the studio. Let me explain-- With the Mix-Minus setup here in the studio, I totally forgot if I have the speakers on while the microphone is live, you get major feedback squeal and trust me you can imagine the colorful language out of my mouth. It was quite frustrating for me.  So now when I record I have the speakers on while the mic is off then when it gets close I turn em down and if I have to edit it to the right spot in the intro that's fine. I was almost cancelled recording but I persevered and fixed the sound issues the sound levels like it was at once point. I couldn't sleep so I worked on editing the podcast and getting it scheduled for this weekend.

                Who would ever think I out of anyone would have technical issues on day 1 of record this series again. I think I just totally forgotten that I need to actually need to turn down the studio speakers as it actually affects the mics in studio. When I started to record I had no sound on the recording and squealing which I actually had the headphones on which hurt my ears and I am sure my parents were questioning all the ruckus down here. That being a nOOb at podcasting still there yet I've been doing this on and off for 6 years now and should be a professional at this by now. However you have to remember I am not familiar with Mix-Minus and didn't think it would be such a headache to turn things down or turn one thing down then but I have to get use to this setup as it's new to me and I will and this is why both Larry and I have been testing it non stop during recording and off the recording sessions and we are getting familiar with this setup. So in hindsight yes it was a messy start to season 2 but it will only get better from here on out. Gotta keep the positivity going!


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