Friday, January 8, 2021

Animaniacs Reboot 2020 Review

           I can say this about the entire reboot, I liked it a bit but it is not the same as the original series I knew and love growing up. I just wasn't pleased the fact it only had Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot and also Pinky and The Brain. Nothing else no Slappy the squirrel, the 3 Pigeons brothers were some of the original cast. Yes they showed up but non speaking parts but that is pretty much it.  The excessive singing was a little much and some of the storyline I just get at some point. However I wanna focus on some of the positive side of things. The Pinky and The Brain intro had some pretty wicked new graphics for the intro and a lot different then the original series from 93 - 95 or 96 when it first was out, meaning the original series. That is the only thing I can say positive as I really wish they'd bring back a ton of different portions, the 3 pigeons, good idea, bad idea, Slappy the Squirrel and if I remember correctly. 

          Anyways not all the actors could be still living or they could not be acting or moved on to other projects and maybe why they did not put as much as they had before. Who knows but I just did not feel like it would get my approval rating for this time around and I remember this series growing up as a child or in my childhood. Just wish they could of added more then just Wakko, Yakko and Dot, Pinky and The Brain. Would of been nice to see a mix of what they had. Maybe they were actually looking at new ideas perhaps? You just do not know what they are thinking really but in the positive side of things, it was really nice to see something from my childhood to come back and my niece and nephew get an idea what I grew up with as they were the ones that mentioned this reboot to me. I managed to get through all 13 episodes but was hard towards the end but still glad I got to see this reboot. Now would they do another season? Guess time will tell if they decide to do another one in the very nearby future.


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