Sunday, January 10, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-10-2021]

               Another week around CBOTW Studio has passed by and a lot has happened in the past week. Chris got himself an external hard drive to store things and not sure if the 1TB or the 4TB will hold the podcasts to be actually honest with you and that would be up to him.     Anyways we have now into a full week with being back and Chris is trying to work as much as he can despite his sleep schedule is pretty messed up which I will explain as I am giving him a week off from blogging so this way he can try and fix his sleep schedule so the entire week, you will be hearing from me. Into the updates for the week what we have been up to.

Website: Website, it's looking quite epic now with the new menu bar and the darn bar seems to work a lot better then what we had and with the menu bar or navigation bar had before we changed all of this. To be honest the last menu bar sucked it was really bad the way it was coded and was unresponsive compare to this one which is very responsive and works.

Discord Server: Server has been doing a ton better since the drama on there took place and we had to ban someone from the server. Moving forward we have added in more channels and adjusted the rules to the server. We've added on Links and Media (Images) channel, added an "rant corner" and "TV and Reality TV corner" to the server. We may have had our bot down for an hour or so the other morning but that is besides the point.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Boss Man's podcast is back and up and running once again! So happy to have his personal podcast back on the air and cannot wait to see what he has planned this season and what is on tap. I know interview is coming up and that's with his Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: He is trying to get the season complete and sounding like he is now aiming towards the end of January and February this year as I said his sleep is extremely messed up and trying to fix it and why he's off from the blog all week long so he can try and get the sleep schedule back to normal and I should have an update by Thursday. Anyways he will be aiming to finish up the show by mid week this week.

               Not sure how the scheduling for the interview with Larry and Chris going to go on top of the collab but that is on the schedule to complete and finish this month. He's been trying to work and has failed and he's not been happy in the last week so I am taking over the blog and you guys will have to deal with me for the next while no real timeline on his return and if it is not until he's finished Collab stuff that's fine, myself and Billy have things under control. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Matt, Site Admin

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