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Thursday, April 15, 2021

What Is It Like Being An Site Admin For Chris?

                  Working for the Boss Man has been so much fun! Working on a day to day basis with his website besides my freelance job as a web designer is a ton of fun and something to do outside my regular day to day work and things been a little slow with that so been working with him on the website ideas. Now that I have the extra duties on the day to day while he's on a sabbatical as owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb, I have learned so much what his day to day activities are like. It's a ton of work but nothing that I can handle. I've had to make some tough decisions recently for example removal of our chatroom off and removal of the staff accounts that also are a part of it too. Now that it is done, I am on standby for anything else that needs to be done with the website wise. I do go to him if I am unsure of something and the other team members.

              Either way it has been an honor to be with this amazing team and I know he is blessed to have me and the rest of the team behind him 150% and put the hard work into the content that you guys see on a regular basis. Without us the Staff of his website, non of this could be made possible as we work on content everyday we are always coming up with new ideas for the website or content but either way, we continue on a daily basis to grow this thing and the view count proves it. Finally I wanna thank Chris for bringing me on as the New Site Admin and I am here to stay for a long haul. I also want to say thank you to you guys for welcoming me into this amazing community I feel very welcome to this community and I will speak to you guys tomorrow.

Chels, Site Admin

Monday, January 11, 2021

This Is Why Chris Is Away From Blogging This Week....

               There is a lot of reasons why Chris is away from blogging this week and today's post I will explain it all. It has nothing to do with you guys, just stress and mental health and we really do not wanna see him like this.

- Sleep- First thing is work is not a problem, he gets a ton done per day but it is hard with his sleep being out of sync and him sleeping in the evenings and up all night and day his sleep is pretty well out of wack right now. If he's not working he's asleep in bed and not working on content.

- Mental Health-- He has been struggling with this entire Pandemic all together and it has been a very big part of this entire issue. What I heard he was entirely fine Pre-COVID-19 but now not so much and it has affected his work performance in the recent week. He is trying to keep in good spirits but some days are better then others.

Workload--  He has made some progress with content and continue to work on it despite not sleeping but this week he wants to focus on the content and get things rolling for content is another great reason why he's not going to be around this week.

                  I know you are going to ask about the Discord? He may pop in the Discord from time to time and I know he sees all your wonderful positive comments and feedback in the Discord even if he is working away on content. He will be just fine, this Pandemic has thrown his sleep and mental health and he really hopes that this pandemic ends soon as it's affected him greatly. You will see him on social media, Discord throughout the days but as blog he's off the blog for the time being but more then likely he'll be back next Monday with new posts hopefully.

Matt, CBOTW Admin/Management Team