Sunday, January 24, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-23-2021]

           There has been so much that has happened recently with Discord returning and then disappearing once again to The CBOTW Show... I will get into it all in today's post:

Discord: It has been a problem for a while and we got some information that someone who was staff'd with us got into Chris's account and deleted it. We did a new one but since have deleted it due to troll issues again and it wasn't worth the stress. 

The CBOTW Show: It was a ton of work to just prepare it and now we have a newer plan with it and I will get into it all as I continue on with this post and he was on the right track originally and maybe we took a step in the wrong way.

Website: Menu went back to the 2021 version of this website which is a ton better and it works a ton better then the older version and seems to be a more responsive menu as we've had fans mention that it is not as responsive. So that is one of the reasons but now that The CBOTW Show is now out of the picture, we put a reverse on this.

YouTube:  As you guys have heard, we have a YouTube Channel for the Podcasts which you can find at for the video side of things. Today it starts on the YouTube and two old episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast from Season 2 are up.

Power Rangers Podcast: This morning, Chris has made it clear that production for this podcast is indeed put on Hold for recording till he figures out if he has a Co-Host or not and that will be this week's battle to figure out what is going to happen next for the podcast. Just hope production does resume as I know he wants it back and Larry does too. but Chris said he will be working on the Collaboration Podcast and stuff but as for recording not as much.

                 There are the updates for this week and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully some better news will come next week, so please do have a wonderful week and I will talk to you guys next weekend with another update.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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