Monday, January 25, 2021

The Future of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast.....

                    After over a week and a half of drama and Chris is starting to talk to his Co-Host again so things are getting better now and the two are speaking to one another which is a start for fixing things for the two of them. Right now with this podcast he has put recording the podcast on Hold but the preparation behind the scenes continue to be worked on a regular basis and ready for when the two boys are ready to get back into action with this podcast. Chris hasn't told Larry as of yet about the YouTube or Twitch thing but he will in time, Chris left out that piece of information at this moment. We want to ensure you NOT to panic or worry about the Podcast going away anytime soon because it will be returning but not at this moment, they gotta fix the friendship as they do not want this to turn into 2016 which was a major fight. To be honest this is the first major fight where Chris blocked Larry for the first time in 5 years which is astounding. They have a lot of understanding for each other and maybe why their friendship is a ton stronger. 

             I know today and the last week and a half has been hard for his team, behind the scenes, unsure what he'll say or do and today was one of those days where he got really wound up over things today. However he has calmed down quite a lot since around dinner time and hopefully the smiles return very soon. He's made some progress with Dino Thunder and it's like nothing happened at all even tho there was something that happened but he continues to work on it and also created a video stream pages which I will talk about on tomorrow's post and explain where you can actually listen to the podcasts when they are live on the air as he tested it out and continue to test it out. He has another camera, the 2nd or 3rd camera he's ordered on Amazon which have broke in the past but he made sure its a good quality. Anyways talk more tomorrow and updates to the studio, have a wonderful night.

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