Thursday, January 14, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Printer is On It's Last Legs....

                Boss Man has told me that the printer in the  studio is on it's final legs and sounding like there will be a time he will have to indeed put money aside to get a brand new printer and something he didn't wanna really do is spend the money on something quite expensive but if that is something he needs to get then so be it. First the scanner completely stopped working which really he doesn't need technically as he rarely uses it to begin with as normally he uses the SD card reader for pictures and if he was to scan old pictures then I do not know what he would do. I am not 100% sure if you can get a printer without a scanner anymore and to be honest he rarely used the scanner and has tried to actually use it and apparently he's uninstalled the software so many times so now the scanner doesn't work so that was strike one. The second strike was installing a new ink into the printer where you have to scan a print off so you can authenticate the ink and it doesn't seem to work anymore as the scanner isn't working. 

                So he's going to have to definitely buy a new printer and will have to go shopping for a new one once the lockdown is finished and things start to open up once again and we get back into the different levels as we went from Green to Yellow-Orange to Red to the Grey level and now in complete lockdown at this moment of time to try and flatten the curve of this virus especially. Hopefully he will somehow manage to print off things for right now but not sure what will happen if it completely dies out on him as one other issue he's having is the display screen sometimes goes completely dark and he has to unplug it to work so it's slowly on it's final legs and to be quite honest, he is planning to steer away from HP despite it's been very good to him over the years. He has to remember he uses it on a regular basis and it will wear and tear on him and he has had it 5 years at the most and it is used all the time so he will have to definitely invest in a new one soon. 

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

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