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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Summer 2017 Schedule (CONFIRMED!)

             So it is that time of the year, well 3 times a year I make this announcement on the Blog that for this upcoming Summer Season, now I wasn't going to do this till June 1st as I was planning on doing it a few weeks before the Summer Reality TV began but I am plain out too dang excited to announce this schedule! One thing that is different from this season and I am not putting down this schedule, I love the schedule but it has been hectic schedule this winter season, but worth all the stress and hard work put into the podcast. So without further ado here is the schedule for Summer 2017:

Wednesdays: 8 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 5 RECAP

Fridays: 8 pm EDT: Big Brother US 19 RECAP

          As you can see the schedule is only 2 recaps as I am only covering 2 shows during the summer which makes it a simple easy summer and plus I am liking the fact I get a day between, but again I do not mind recording day after day, after day, 3 days just the change of pace is nice and you never expect when a reality TV Show is on TV, like the saying goes in Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected! That is why I love the various days I record on, each Reality TV season is different from season to season and I never know what to expect! Also please note that Friday can change once the NFL Football Season begin in the fall towards the end of the BB19 so you can be looking at a Thursday Recap due to the NFL Football Thursdays! I will let you guys know once I know the change of schedule. Also as last season we had a few Friday episodes and if anything like this happens I will probably push it to a Saturday for the one week but again I will inform you guys of any schedule changes if there is any or they add a night on a Friday.

Have a great Wednesday!