Monday, June 14, 2021

What Is The Plan For The Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?

                      You probably wondering what the plan for the "Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?" Well the plan is we will be using it and Savannah and I already have changed over the name to Events and the Tab is currently disabled and it is not dropping down at this current time. This will be like this for a while now, I'm like talking about all summer, that tab will be disabled. Work will be done on the website throughout the entire summer on that new feature and it will take her and I sometime to actually build up the pages and the events that will be shown when things get back to normal and the events in more a temporarily hiatus for the time being. These are the events I plan on going to and the events after this pandemic and finally events on temporary hiatus status:

Going To Post Pandemic:                       On Hiatus:                         Questionable:

Maple Festival May                      Polish/Ukrainian Festival                            Food Truck                                                                The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto                 Rib Fest            Apple Festival                              Toronto Christmas Market                                                       

Tyrone Parade of Lights                                       

                  As you can see there are at least 7 - 8 events I go to on a yearly basis is quite a good amount, not as much as I had Oshawa Santa Claus Parade and Oshawa Tree Lighting but nowhere near pleased with the two events as it's changed so much over the years. Also I also use to do the Autism Celebration as well and since it's not on my list anymore I have removed 3 events on top of the 7. Originally I had 10 - 11 events a year. So the events I am going to post pandemic, is only 3 to start with, however Food Truck is questionable as not sure if it will be in the plans for Bowmanville events but will have to wait and see when events start back up more then likely in 2022, maybe 2023 for me, let's see how I feel by then. Rib Fest is a bit bigger of an event down at the lake and I probably won't have that comfortable level. So The Questionable one will be under the archived events on the archive page for pictures. The one on Hiatus will be under Hiatus on that page as well. The events that will be active events under the archives and will be activated once events start back up. The only item that will be activated under events on the website's main page or anywhere on the website will be Archives that will be accessible on the website and yes you can view the pictures by clicking on the Icons that her and I are adding to the website. This will be all completely hopefully this year as I cannot promise an ETA on this but it has started to be worked on. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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