Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Few Things Are Pending...

                 As you know there is something that isn't working on the mix minus setup with the new mixer board and I probably went and screwed something up and did not set it up properly. I am still working on SPD right now if this podcast is still going to be a thing unless we end up cancelling till were able to be in the same studio as one another but I am going to try and fix this issue. I hope to be done by July 15th, 2021 for recording but we will have to see at this point. I got practically a month to go and going to multi task to do both preparing it and been working on Entertainment Man and SPD in a combo, also working on scheduling the Entertainment Man Podcast. No matter looking up on forums and online, I seem to not find any damn answers on the issue and at this point, I may end up calling or emailing the damn store for some help with this issue. Dunno what I'm doing anymore and anything will help me get Power Rangers Podcast back on track again. It is one thing after another. 

                 So I cannot really say if we will be back in Mid July at this point but I have sent an email to Long and McQuade and we will see what is said back about getting this mixer properly sync'd up with the computer for Audacity and recording Podcasts. However I have a plan to try and fix all of this even if it takes me some time to figure out the issue. I have a plan and may as well say it, I could use OBS and the computer audio section on OBS and still record till this is all fixed. I kind of went off on Larry after and blocked private messages from him but I better remember to reverse that before he's on this afternoon before he gets on and wonders why I am not replying back as anything. Anyways I do have a backup plan in case but we'll see what the music store says and if they can shine any light why its not being picked up on Audacity. I will report back when I get more information on this and when if it is fixed. Just hope it's working by July 15th for the next collab podcast at the most. 


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