Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Favorite Pizza Places?

                I know there use to be a bunch of places I use to go to, Dominos but we got turned off by Dominos for our Pizza getting misplaced and also the bacon on it was hard as a rock at a time. The other one that I got turned off was Pizza Pizza and to be honest, I've had Pizza from there once since the burnt and cold pizza gate at Toronto Union Station and only went to our local store cause of the gift card they got me and not been back since. To be quite honest there is only one place we live by for pizza and that would be Little Caesar's Pizza which is up around Kingsway and it is the best pizza ever to be honest! They even got an the Chicago style deep dish pizza which I had for the very first time in Chicago in July 2012 almost 10 years ago. So it definitely worth going to.

               The fact it is also really fresh and good and we've had no problems with Little Caesar's Pizza which is good so I vouch by this pizza place at this point and I just do not know why the places above I just feel like that now there is only one place I vouch by at this point and to be honest I wish I can give Pizza Pizza and Dominos another chance and maybe I will down the road but not as of right now. So inconclusion the only place I really like is Little Caesar's Pizza at this moment and honestly that's OK. Whichever once I am most comfortable with and the fact I enjoy it is what really matters in the end. I'm sorry this is a short blog, got so much to do today, editing, watching SPD and getting further into that season but promise you guys to get all caught back to a normal length tomorrow. 


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