Thursday, June 17, 2021

Do I Miss Streaming At All?

               The question is do I miss streaming? The  answer is a straight plain NO. The reasons behind that are trolls, I have a zero tolerance for the trolls especially and also the fact I have had to endure the amount of dislikes on each video on YouTube, I do not miss it whatsoever. Twitch or any other platform, I pretty much got trolled the heck off at least 3 or 4 platforms over the course of time. I could care less about video platforms I am very much happier where I'm at right now and that is what matters to me is I rather do the blogging and podcasting on Audio Only then waste my time stream. I know CBOTW Gamers Podcast is pending to return and there has been talks about me bringing it to video but I would have to convince my potential to stay Audio ONLY and to be honest not sure if it'll happen but it is being talked about and not 100% sure if it would happen whatsoever. 

                Back to streaming, I do not miss the trolls, it was pathetic to having to put up with that day in, day out and I do not miss any of this. I got better things to do with my time then streaming. I still got OBS in case of the slight chance but to be honest I will use it in case I fail to get Mix Minus setup by July for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and we may have to push back Mystic Force as I have been diddly daddling but the only reason I would use OBS only in case the mix minus is not setup properly and need more time but we'll find out tonight what happens with the settings but OBS is there as a primary back up for that but more then likely I will never stream ever again. That ship has sailed and I am very happy and comfortable where I am to this day with what I am doing. Yes CBOTW Studios and the CBOTW Studios Bot have been disabled on Twitch and more then likely will never log back into that account that is that post and there is a special guest post tomorrow and you might see em around my Facebook Group and my Twitter from time to time so I will talk to you all Monday, have a great weekend!


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