Friday, June 18, 2021

Little About Myself And My Involvement With Chris's Website

            Hello, my name is Savannah and I am Chris's website monkey... I mean Website Admin. I do everything from coding in the new features and pages to his website. I am in the South Western Ontario Region so so couple of hours from boss man. I do web design for a living and self employed doing all of this and really happy to be part of Team Chris B On The Web, helping him grow this amazing website. When he hired me on to replace the other site admin, he told me he gets a couple of hundred views a day and I can see that from the admin panel in the back side of the website which is incredible. Especially the fact what we are about to do with the overhaul of the now former and defunct Extra's tab that is now Events and will have a list of events he has been to which he has explained. Let me explain my job, my main job is to build the pages on his website, make adjustments according to his request which I admit the about page changes wasn't his idea, was mine entirely and he loves what I did to it. I have access to the source code of the pages, especially the menu bar code and the CSS code, so I can tweak anything if he wishes but trying to keep things the same.

             I do not blog too often on here but have the full access to the blog if he needs to step aside for something for a day or so, but my main job is to work on his website when it needs to be worked on. Also I am in charge of posting up content to the website meaning the podcasts you see on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast  every week and when it airs on the website. That is like the most important part of my job and keeps him stress free knowing that things are on track for the website. I am glad to be a part of his website even if it is just the 2 of us only since some either quit or were fired for their actions and to be honest this is a great duo, sorry trio, forgot to add Larry as Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is a big part of this website and his community. I wanna thank Chris for giving me this time to formally introduce myself to you all and I'm sure you will see me around the community.


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