Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mixer Ordered! Not Sure How Long I Will Be Off Air For!

                      I have officially ordered a brand new Behringer Mixer which I will more then likely do a review on at some point of time. So with the new Mixer coming in, this means there is no ETA as of right now of it's arrival which means with 20 days left of this month, this means it could come within the next 2 - 2.5 Weeks from now. and I know a week and a half from today is the premiere of Season 3 of Entertainment Man Podcast. I know this reaches a lot of alarm bells going off is the 3rd season going to be on schedule? I'm afraid the answer with what I know of right now, the answer is no. I do not know when it comes in. You also have to remember I have to set it up, I have to figure out what is what and how the mix minus on the new board works what the buttons do as there are buttons that I have no dang clue what is what according to what I studied on the image of the mixer on the music store website. So by the time I am ready to record, I will be totally prepared for the return of podcasts. 

                  So with what I said, I am putting Podcasts on Hiatus until further notice. I probably said that before but what I can tell you that I didn't tell you guys is that I am aiming to return in July for Podcasts meaning both "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast." However, I had to update this post and a gentleman from the music store Long and McQuade call me on my cell and spoke to him for a few minutes and let him know I've ordered it but not sure when its going to arrive so they told me it should be here by end of the week at the start of the weekend. So it is not 100% if it will be here by the weekend so this is why I am just not able to give you an date right now so stay tuned to Social Media and this blog for updates. I will be sure to give you guys updates when I have some updates on the situation. Until tomorrow have a great rest of your afternoon!


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