Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Short Analysis of The Psycho Movies

                I just got finished watching a couple of nights worth of Horror Movies and I decided to watch all 3 of the movies again. I wanna talk about each of em out of the 4 movies that they did out of the series. Anyways let's get into em:

Psycho: Which is what got all of this started with Marion Crane who was played by Janet Leigh who is Jamie Lee Curtis's mom which I never knew that till I saw this movie.  I love the intensity of the music when something tense is happening within the movie. I know there was only person that died in the movie that was Marion. Absolutely loved the story line and this movie is indeed a classic! 

Psycho II: The story of after Norman what he did to Marion at his Motel. He gets a job at a diner and takes in Mary in his mothers house. The one thing that annoyed me was Mrs Loomis and that Manager he had working for him at the start which he was a stupid drunk to be honest. I really hated that douchebag. I know it's only a movie but I couldn't stand the two of them whatsoever. Also I know when Mary dropped the guy and he hit something it wasn't her fault. she got a bit distracted there so it's not her fault.

Psycho III: Well Maureen got a ride from this crazy nutcase Duke who was a complete nutcase. He was kind of a weird character and will always be the one character I really disliked. Noticed with 2 and 3 they did not use the violins like they did in the first one as I forgot to mention it above. 

Psycho IV: Finally the 4th and final movie which wraps up the storyline. We have Norman talking to a doctor on the radio about why he killed his mother and the entire storyline when he was younger to now how he became his mother in the process. Now I noticed the scene the girl is killed off early part of the movie when they showed Norman, I swear it was Anthony Perkins that was the one I froze, zoomed up on the frame to see. I love how it ended with the burning of the Psycho house, kind of symbolic in the end and now he is a free man of demons.

           Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this short synopsis of each movie, I tried to get in what I had to say and I love this movies and now I have a great appreciation for these movies. I know I was told 2, 3 and 4 sucked but I enjoyed it. It tells a story and there is elements to these movies and the 4th is the high peak of the movie how it ever started to the finish line. I plan on doing some for Friday The 13th and Halloween movies down the road. Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your day!


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