Monday, June 28, 2021

Will Entertainment Man Podcast Return In 2022?

                    There has been talk and speculations after I mentioned I have episodes on standby and there is a few things that I had that was put on the backburner. There was episodes that were unused when I made the decision to bring this podcast back on the air, there was episodes not used but I am using a couple of em to fix the repetitiveness of episodes as there was 2 or 3 that repeated. Whatever that wasn't used and is already written will be ready for January 2022. Yes I am planning to do another year of this podcast for the 3rd year in a row and very much excited for this podcast to be continuing on it's journey. Also I may as well also add to the list, I have numerous ideas already written down and I am not even going to expose the ideas, I want you guys to stay on your toes. 

                     However, yes I am planning on a 3rd Year on this podcast. I am still formatting 2022 as I am adding in the interviews which I am planning to have 2 weeks booked off for interviews in case I get really busy with them. However in case it becomes quiet then I will be sure to have a backup plan ready to go in case there is no interview on that week that there isn't interviews scheduled. Reason I am doing the 2 weeks is incase it gets busy as you know I am on the website, Audry and Match Maker website and have a good amount of replies and I have someone that I was suppose to interview this year, see if they are interested in coming on after all. Either way 2022 should be an interesting year for the podcast but right now I need to get over this hurdle for 2021 with the 36 episodes this year which is more then half of the year as there is 52 weeks in a year. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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