Friday, June 25, 2021

End of The Week Updates!

                In this update, I will be talking about some of the things I completed and are working on. Also will give you guys an Minecraft update as well at the end of the update. First, gotta get to ChrisBOnTheWeb related:

- Weight Loss Updates Resume Next Week: I have started to get more serious on losing weight and will be providing you guys with an update next week on my weight loss journey. 

- 3 Entertainment Man Podcast Podcast Episodes Being Edited: I have officially finished up editing all 3 episodes and range between 18 and 19 minutes on each of the episodes and I have it ready to go when it's time to upload the episodes to the website.

- Entertainment Man Podcast Notes: I couldn't sleep so I was in my studio writing notes as I still have a long way till the 27th and final episode of 2021. I do have ideas and with episodes already edited and prepped I got more time to work on this and get them all finished for this year.

- Power Rangers SPD: I am aiming to start working on this season again soon, hopefully by start of next week so I can finally get typing the notes and send them out to Larry so he has them for when it is time to record at the end of July. Also with a new NDA he has to sign and send back and I will photocopy it and he will get his copy sent to him when he gets the Mystic Force/Operation Overdrive/Jungle Fury/RPM Notes which will be quite a delivery of notes for him and he doesn't know that I am sending him a slew of notes in one package, LOL. He will also get a copy of the NDA up to the end of Ninja Steel as we haven't had one since the end of the Roundtable and Zordon Era.... ha-ha!

                 Now to the Minecraft updates: My nephew and I OFFICIALLY made the field bright enough the monsters won't spawn. The bad news is I haven't put lights in for the main floor of the stadium as I have been busy laying down the dirt for the next stadium build which is a baseball stadium which will be a massive project to build so been setting the forest on fire to clear a path for this but should get back to the football stadium completion soon. Also I tinkered with the arena and put lights under the ice hoping it'd light up but no luck whatsoever it just gotten darker again so I have to put everything back the way it is and let my nephew fix that issue.  Those are the updates for this week and I will be back Monday with a brand new week of posts. So have a great weekend everyone and I will talk to you all Monday!



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