Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Doing Quite Well!

               This is a week of so many updates with things, changes and what not. I failed to tell you guys how well it's done. It has become quite popular. As of yesterday afternoon the newest episode almost at 20 views. It keeps growing and growing. This is what I wanna see with the podcast is growth. To be honest it's done a ton better then any podcast I have done in the past years. I am so proud of this podcast and everything it has become. It is nice to finally have a sense of accomplishment and this is only the start of this podcast to be honest, this is just the beginning of what's going to be an amazing podcast. I am so thankful for you guys listening in to every week and it is because of you guys I continue to produce and host episodes of not just this podcast but both podcasts. We, yes I am including my old pal Larry as he's heavily involved with the collaboration podcast. When I started Entertainment Man, I had no clue how well the podcast would do. I was very surprised after a year of doing this podcast on and off to quite honest with you guys.

             I want to take the time to also thank each and every one of you guys for the love and support you guys have given me during this journey. I know things haven't been solid in the last year but you guys supported me through the thick and thin of things and I am planning to stay with the projects I am doing for a long time and not planning on any other project in the nearby future. I wanna focus on getting this podcast on a good pace before starting anything else starts at the start. Anyways thank-you again, you guys are such amazing fans and I am thankful each and everyone of you guys! Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day! 


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