Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Chris B On The Web & is Evolving!

             So far my gut instincts have been right about a lot of things and I am loving every moment of the "Podcasts" as I finally gotten right into the podcast and it the quality of the podcast is so much better then it was before, so over my break I improved on the sound and quality of the podcasts and now a better intro without that pain in the neck distortion in my voice. Once I get my Audio Technica 2020 Mic, the quality will be even better then this mic, however I am keeping the Audio Technica PRO 31 microphone as I am planning on using it for guests that do visit the studio for podcast recordings, they can actually be a guest on my podcast while I use the condenser Microphone for myself. So the podcasts are growing and I love being on, Stitcher & and soon and hopefully by the fall also onto ITunes as well as the final step to getting my podcast out there. 

              There was original plans to eventually bring the podcasts to video platform, but not sure now with my busy, busy schedule with the family and spending time with them, working on the patio. So it is totally up in the air right now with my time I have to record them live and I really do prefer to record them early morning or in the afternoon, this way I can  move forward with my day, work on other projects that need to be done for Chris B On The Web or family wise or if I have to run errands of any sort, I do have the time. Also I will have time to spend with friends as well. Majority of my alumni agree that pre-recording the podcast is probably the best thing for me. Plus I am pretty well done with going live, I am retired from broadcasting too and got no plans to go live unless I free up a hour a few times a week. But do not count podcasts NOT going live, because it is being explored, getting a chat together, a video broadcast platform such as UStream.TV so I am exploring the options to doing it. Only reason I am holding back is I need to get the studio fixed up and my setup being changed over, setting up the green screen, OBS, the design on OBS and much more and having enough of a built fan base to tune in each and every recording but we will certainly see in due time! 

            With being with both Soapbox & blogs, I love doing both as I really enjoy writing what is on my mind, locally, this crazy weather Ontario has been, Reality TV, advice, rants which is on my blog only. I just love the freedom to express my opinions as I got more of a freedom of speech compare to when I was with YouTube. Also I am in test and experimental stages with this blog especially as you probably can see on the side of the blog you can see Larry Rieck is involved with the blog as an Alumni blogger and he hasn't posted yet but he will when he is good and ready to go. I love my current situation with Chris B On The Web, I am quite happy the way things are right now and I wouldn't change it for anything!

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