Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chris B On The Web Is Growing Once Again!

             It has been almost a day since the news broke out but thought I would do the official announcement for Chris B On The Web and it is good news, not bad news whatsoever, it is an addition to the podcasts actually. After talking to a old high school which we're very close friends now. He suggested I do a TV Show RECAP, not Reality TV related but regular everyday TV Shows from comedies to drama and much more if it wasn't for Billy I would of been only doing Everything About Reality TV Podcast but having 2 different podcasts it is going to expand my horizon to do other podcasts. I think it would be a great idea in case Everything About Reality TV went downhill, not in views, I mean if shows started to you know stop bringing out new seasons of any of the Reality TV Shows I cover then there will be gaps but I am hopefully Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada & Amazing Race Canada. 

             I am finally listening to you guys to what you guys want to see on and keep up the great suggestions and help, I will listen to you guys to what you would like to see. I know Everything About Reality TV will continue to be on the good path of success. You guys have suggested things that will work for me and I listened. You guys do want podcasts to go live eventually but right now isn't the right time nor the time for it to be live on the air compare to the pre-recording sessions I do during the daytime. But I do put all your suggestions into great consideration, not everything can be done right away. 

              I am however proud on how well Chris B On The Web and has done in growth, the numbers have been to the 600 - 700 range each and every month and stayed at that rate for a while now, awaiting for it for growth to continue on. I have in the last few months been very patient and taken action on things, like actually going entirely solo without a team for now, could find someone to help here and there but that is later on. I think The CBOTW Show will be a huge success, just like Everything About Reality TV Podcast has and will generate some great viewership. I am planning on putting this new podcast onto the same networks as EAR TV is on which are (My Website), (As The RSS Feed where it's located.), & of course ITunes as well.  The CBOTW Show is currently on hold as I am currently making a format for the podcast. It will be a weekly Podcast compare to Everything About Reality TV is 2 - 3 times a week depending on what the schedule for Reality TV is. 

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