Thursday, July 20, 2017

1 Year Later- Now A Blogger & Podcaster!

Now that it has been over a year since I closed my YouTube account, I have settled down and considered my feelings about leaving.  The last year has been a long and stressful one for me. Even though it has been tough, I think I have finally grasped at what I want to do with my show, Everything About Reality TV.

I started podcasting back in later 2014. The initial stages and testing of Everything About Reality TV didnt pan out so I continued on with my YouTube career. you will remember that I was still in the midst of my web series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show.  Youtube was starting to take its toll and ultimately, I was starting to feel burnt out.  This was when I started considering podcasting more seriously. Now, thinking back on it, I am glad I ended the Youtube channel and started my podcast. I have continued with the podcast and successfully covered the fall 2015 season of the Amazing Race 27 and Survivor: Second Chances along with Hell’s Kitchen as well. The podcast also covered Big Brother Canada 4 & Survivor Cambodia.

As time went on, I planned not to cover shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, Masterchef Junior or Masterchef Canada. I have nothing against those shows. It is just hard to cover everything in a limited time frame. My podcast has continued to grow. I have recorded episodes on Survivor Millennial’s Vs Gen X, Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor Game Changers. Currently, I am recording episodes on Big Brother 19 and the Amazing Race Canada. The podcasts have now grown to 57 episodes and I am not stopping there! Recently, I decided to start a weekly podcast called “The CBOTW Show” recapping TV Shows from 80’s to the 2000’s. Comedy, drama, action you name it!
Now as for the blogging, I have been blogging  since my ‘The Video Projects Team days. After leaving YouTube, I got more into the blogging on I love talking about what is on my mind, stories in the local news, local events or the crazy weather we have had here. Around the middle of June 2017 I connected with Soapbox and offered to blog for them. They said yes and I have been with Soapbox ever since. I love being a part of the platform and connecting with other bloggers. I may only post 1 – 2 times a week but I am always logging onto the site daily to see what other great posts are up to read.

Feel free to connect with me on Social Media as well on With blogging I find I have more of a freedom to express my opinion compared to when I was on Youtube. I truly am blessed to be where I am today with both the blogging and podcasting. I feel that I am making the right connections and connecting with so many amazing people. I am truly very humbled when I think how well I have done in the last year. The future of my podcast hasnt been written yet and I am playing it by ear with each new season.


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