Monday, July 10, 2017

Places I Would Like To Visit Around Canada and The USA!

             There are tons of places I would like to visit around Canada and the US, which is kind of the reason why I decided to write this blog this afternoon and share places, states or locations that I would like to visit here in Canada and down in the States.


- I would like to visit Prince Edward Island and tour the entire island if possible and see the sights and the views that the island has to offer. I would also once again would get PEI Potatoes as they were awesome the last time we brought em home back in 2007 which was the last time I visited Prince Edward Island. 

- Calgary/Alberta again- I would visit Calgary, obviously because I do got family out there and I would want to return to Banff Mountain and also I would like to see the Edmonton Mall which is huge and never know I may run into Talla from Big Brother Canada! Ha ha! It would be funny if I actually saw her in person. Definitely get a selfie done with her if she does't mind! Also maybe run into some other houseguests from Big Brother Canada too!

- Also visit my aunt and uncle in British Columbia, also see Vancouver and Vancouver Island as well, I have never been to the west coast before in my entire lifetime but have been to Alberta before just not right to the coast in my lifetime which will be changing soon when I am out there. 


- First place I would like to visit in the US would be to return to Chicago and do more tourism, see the Museum of Natural History, also make my way back to Minnesota to see the family. On my way home I would like to stop at the Memorial for the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

- The next place to visit in the states Florida, I have never been down south before and would love to see the south and the southern hospitality. On the way down I would like to visit South Carolina on my way down, as I really would like to see what South Carolina looks like.

- Next on my endless list in this blog is California. Several reasons why I would like to visit, Hollywood, San Diego Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and of course see LA.

- Arizona, I would love to visit my Aunt Dini and Uncle Rob down there and plus it is warmer there then up here in Ontario... LOL. Never seen what a desert looks like. 

- New York City, would like to see Trump Tower, also visit the 9/11 Memorial and the new buildings around where the towers use to be. Also of course the Statue of Liberty which I always wanted to see.

- Finally I want to and I know my parents are planning this to take a trip out of Boston and I of course added in that I wanted to see the state of Maine even though Cabet Cove was fictional in Murder She Wrote  still would love to see the beautiful state regardless and back through New Brunswick, through Quebec and home. 

          Well that is my list, so sorry it is a bit long and I know I wont get to see all those states but hopefully some in my lifetime and I know Boston and west Coast Canada will be a thing for me to see, as for the Florida, Arizona and Cali that is a bit far fetched for me to see and more the likely will not happen, but never say never!

Have a great night!


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