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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bus Malfunctioning On The Way Back Home (Throwback Thursday Story)

             Last week, on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, I was on my way home from running errands for Chris B On The Web (CBOTW) and we got half way to where I get off to walk back to the studio or the house and the bus kneeling wouldn't un-kneel if that's even a word? LOL.... Anyways it wouldn't go back after kneeling down. So the driver tried everything, the dispatch told him to manual reboot the battery then it worked apparently but then another problem occurred the stupid middle door wouldn't close... I started to get pissed off as I had to take a very important call from Larry on Discord pertaining to the Big Brother Canada Finale which was 2 days away from the time we had the discussion.  Then I started to laugh at the situation, so I went from pissed off to in a goofy mood. The bus driver said "This bus makes no frickin sense" I can notice the sarcasm from him and sense of humor as well. 

             On the way home the middle doors was still being a pain in the butt with it taking it's sweet bugger all time closing which got better. However we got closer back to this end and the door wouldn't open at all. People started using the front door instead and I started to think hmmm... Should I do the same? So I said screw it! I went to the front when I got off I told the driver, I am not taking a damn risk with the middle door. He laughed. I wished him luck with dealing with 8169 the rest of his wish. He said people will make fun of him the rest of the day, I just laughed. He made the situation just funnier then it really seems. Yes it was a frustrating situation, but the driver made it into a funny situation. Hope you guys enjoyed this little story and I figured I had to tell you guys this story on the blog and I like doing throwback Thursday stories on the blog and plan on doing more in the nearby future! 


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Durham Transit Bus Throwback Story From Many Years Ago

              First of All I had to share this throwback story, just had to share it as it is quite a funny story and its been years since the event happened but I had to tell it and I sort of talked about it on social media, but not at length and as I was talking about it on Twitter a bit when I had that same bus in particular. 

              So many years ago, maybe back in 2008 or 2009 or something like that, hard to remember when it happened actually, but I was on my way to see to see my grandma, but on the way the bell randomly went off without anyone touching the bell line or pressing the button on the pole, the darn thing still goes off. We arrived at the Oshawa Centre and the bus driver went on a break as he was 5 minutes early, he came back and the bus would not start so the bus decided to break down so I ended up waiting for another bus since they had to try and fix the bus on the spot or get it towed back to the barn to get fixed. So I ended up waiting until the next bus which would be the 11 am bus which was 30 minutes later from the time the other bus was suppose to leave. So I had to let my grandma know what was going on and that I would be late coming to see her.

                I always will refer 8403 on Durham Transit, the bus from hell as it has been nothing but a problem over time. Recently I had that bus and it made a rattling sound on the front of the bus so something was rattling in the bus. This is why I call it the bus from hell as it is always a constant problem or something goes wonky on the bus. I tell ya that bus is cursed and maybe I am the one that put the curse on the bus or the bus was built with a malfunction never know! Haha. This is my throwback story for today and I will do more of them if you guys really loved my throwback stories, because I got lots of em to tell. 

Have a great night!