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Thursday, June 22, 2017

1 Year Since I Left!

             1 year ago yesterday, I departed the YouTube platform after 10 and a half years on the platform and there is plenty of reasons why and after an year of hiding the truth, I am going to explain why I left in this blog post.

             So 1 year ago was a disastrous end for my Youtube career with majority of my team leavingthe team and not wanting to be involved with the projects started to question my future with my channel and what I could do with it in the near future. At the time I had daily vlogs going on and also the new series or podcast "Everything About Reality TV" which obviously you know it moved to Audio ONLY and may I say is very, very successful to this current day. So it was indeed a dilemma and a half to what I could do with the future of the channel. Yes I could of continued with Everything About Reality TV and done both Audio abd also video but I didnt. I should of done a video saying I am indeed leaving and to continue to support me on Social, both Twitter & Google Plus but I chose the quiet route and left quietly. I however regret backing up the Pili interview and Seasons 5 & 6 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and made a DVD of all the episodes.

             Now you may say that my channel was dying, no the views were doing well, just had no reason to continue on with YouTube but you can say that I left at the right time as YouTube started to go to pieces with the a adpocalypse, advertisers pulling out, new terms of service coming out, videos have to be ad friendly, no cursing in videos or you get demonitorized so I left the platform at the right time. I was also a small fraction of the followers on Twitter abou 5 - 6 were subscribed to the channel but its better then 0. I had a few haters hating on me but I didnt really care.

                But now I have tons of other podcasters & other bloggers following me and the followership has grown greatly since I switched to blogging & podcasting. The website, blogs & podcasts has grown, I couldnt be any happier to where I'm at to this current day.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

YouTube Advertisers Pulling Out, YouTubers Losing Revenue!

           I have holding back with this blog post for a while now as I wasn't sure how to write this blog out or how to word this blog post but as most of you know YouTube has not been doing overly well since I left the platform at the end of June with the change of the TOS (Terms of Service) and their policies has changed drastically especially when it comes to the YouTuber's that earn revenue from their videos the terms are so much different since I departed from YouTube almost an year ago. One change if you very bad language then you will be demonetized, same with talking about very touchy subjects like issues going on in the world  such as depression as an example of why YouTube will not allow it. Even with all these new terms of service a lot of big name YouTubers has lost revenue on their videos and it is a shame too because YouTubers like him put his time and a lot of effort into the videos yet they are getting demonetized? Even with cursing... Like come on! It was never like that when I was still part of the community, I never got demonetized cursing even if I added the bleep sound into it. It is truly sad to see how the platform has turned out. I understand the not ad friendly part of it but what happened to freedom of speech and content creators now gotta be careful what they say

             Just recently the advertisers have pulled their ads from videos on YouTube which obviously means YouTubers will not be getting as much revenue from their videos as they were getting before which means a lot of YouTubers have moved to to vlog or lifecast their lives now.  I never had anything to back myself out on if YouTube continued these ways so you can see Twitch growing as a community very very quickly if YouTubers continue to move to It is sad to see such a great platform like YouTube go down the drain in the way of revenue and it hurts the great content creators out there and a lot of YouTubers are upset and I saw one vlogging group leave end of last year and I have noticed a lot of people have left the platform. All I know change has to happen if YouTube is to continue on the right path to success. 

Have a great day!