Sunday, June 11, 2017

Never Giving Up & Following Your Heart!

                   No matter how much you are hated for the content or whatever you are doing out there you don't let anyone put you down whatsoever, don't let anyone get to you, like the saying goes, haters will hate. If you are on social media the best thing is to block the "haters" and not worry about them anymore. Also if you own a website like I own and run my own website: and it has a feature like I have to block IP Addresses, that is the best tool to have. I can share that I do got an counter on my website but you guys cannot see it whatsoever but it is on the site in the website html within the site. But anyway of security of your website helps you in any way, shape or form. Now even if things are going bad for example for me YouTube views going down or my team leaving me one by one, doesn't mean it is time to give up. Perhaps maybe time to change things up, for example I gave up YouTube because of my team decided to quit and turn their backs on me which I am now no longer upset or mad with them at this point but it was in great timing as YouTube was changing, the terms of service changed and I am sure tons of my old content would of been demonetized for some of the videos had language. So moving to blogging and podcasts was the best move I ever made as I have seen success with this podcast and planning to expand it in the future or bring back Team Chris B On The Web in the nearby future. You see I kept on trying and not giving up. I wasn't going to leave poor Chris B On The Web & to just sit empty and not in use anymore, someway, somehow I figured out what to put on the website in the way of content. 

                   Now as for following your heart, my heart told me it wasn't into YouTube anymore, I think I just grew out of the platform, did it for 10 years and didn't see much success in it hence I made the quickest and quietest exit out of any YouTuber, no questions ask, I just left deleted the channel and I should of stored the episodes on my computer for keep sake so I declared it ended after 4 seasons with possibility of Lost Episodes. So you see there I felt like I have completed a good solid run on YouTube and connected with tons of other YouTuber's and felt like The Entertainment Man Talk Show was ready to end it's run with it's 75 episodes and plus my team fell apart so myself & Justin came off the YouTube platform and the rest is written I began podcasting after a summer break as I felt it is the new thing on TV these days and there are tons of Reality TV so I followed my heart with that. Also my blogging took off with people re-tweeting and liking my posts when I put up the blog posts everyday or every second day, same goes with the podcast I am currently doing, I followed my heart to what I thought felt right and that will work for myself and Chris B On The Web & and what will be successful and not fail, but I'm not saying the others things I did wasn't successful, they were but I just got tired and part of following your heart, sometimes making tough decisions are a big part of it. I know that from dealing with it for almost the last year of did I make the right decision but now I know I did but when you follow your heart it takes time to re-grow what you love to do, so you have to be very patient to let things re-grow your passion and trust me it is very very worth it!

Have a great night!


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