Monday, June 12, 2017


            Stress is not a good feeling to have honestly. It messes with your head and sometimes it makes you want to just give up and not give a damn about what you love to do. In this blog today I will be talking about stress and also what you can do when you are stressed out like I have been for the last 11 months since leaving YouTube. 

           So one thing that can get you stressed out is getting over worked, doing too many things at once and I had that problem last year when I was still on YouTube I over worked myself and that isn't good, you have panic attacks, you end up wanting to say is this worth it anymore? You get too much work to do to the point you just don't want to do it anymore, you just want to give up on what you love to do. Going back to the post yesterday if you are stressed out and not feeling you are into this anymore, just follow your heart and do what makes you happy and that doesn't stress you out, like for me YouTube just became a chore each and everyday and I was getting stressed out, not only that but my team getting on my nerves and being disrespectful got to me I just had it with the team situation. Also the fact my channel kind of died and lost views after The Entertainment Man ended kind of put me into a downward spiral. These are a good prime example of a stressful situation that isn't a good thing to have.

             Stress or having stress isn't healthy to have, especially on a daily basis and you need to have a way to deal with the stress. One way to deal with the stress is to put the most important task on the top of the list, here is an example below:

                  1. Blog post
                2. Podcast

                And so forth that is a small example that is one way to deal with the stress. Also you can utilize your calendar whether it is a digital version of a calendar on Google or wherever you would like online but also you can use your physical calendar on your desk to schedule the tasks you have or if you got appointments like I always have appointments to go to every week, I am always out and about at appointments on a regular basis and I always bring my calendar with me in my portfolio book to book the next appointment so I recommend to do the same so this way you can book the next appointment and you go into your calendar and see, oh I have another appointment 2 weeks this day or next week, this way you do not forget or I have to do this on this set day and make sure its done and ready for the due date you pick. There is many ways to deal with stress, if it is just very, very overwhelming take a break for a few hours or for the day and deal with it the next day which I will get into taking a break in a future blog post in the upcoming days but sometimes you just need to decompress and I did that after Big Brother Canada finished it's 5th season, took the entire weekend off and went on a mini break. Also if you are stressed out go to a dollar store and buy a stress ball and slowly not fast squeeze trust me I've done it and tried it and it has helped but stupid me I lost the stress ball and gotta find it or get a new one. Hope this helps you guys that feel stressed out and I am not a professional help just another human being giving advice and any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page of my website here: 

Have a great night everyone!


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