Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food Truck Friday 2017!

              First of all Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there and my dad especially. hope they all have an amazing Father's Day! So back on Friday, I went to the Food Truck Friday in the town East of me and arriving into Bowmanville was sort of disappointed as I thought at least a block would be  more suitable but know to be told we got to one block there was the food truck Friday on the one side street which is better then nothing if you ask me. It doesn't have to be a big Food Truck Friday, because you would be looking for food for quite some time if it was a pretty big Food Truck Friday event. 

            The event was fun, small and plus got to do something else afterwards. There were different kinds of vendors there from Burgers, to hot dogs to french fries, potato tornadoes which next year I would like to try it when I hopefully plan to attend the event once again which I will talk about at the end of this blog post, there was donuts, snow cones which I might of had once in my lifetime, ice cream and many others. There was local vendors there like Lakeview Burgers which is near the lake, some from Enniskillen and around Ontario here so there was a variety. They also had dumplings which in my lifetime I have never ever had dumplings and plan on trying it one of these days soon. There was some vendors I never heard of but was neat to see there at the Food Truck. There was quite a variety for a small event but that's OK with me.  I didn't mind one bit and made the choice easy for me to make to what I was going to have. I chose to have Perogies if you don't know what they are, they are an European dish which is quite delicious. You can have it potatoes and bacon, potatoes and cheese, potatoes and Sauerkraut which that what my dad had, I had the potatoes and onions with onions and bacon on top, well all of them had onions on top with bacon smothered on top as well. The Perogies were home made which made them more delicious, they practically fell apart in your mouth when you ate it, that is how good it  was. I even said to my dad that it ties with Norm's Deli which is in the same town where the event happened so two favorite places for Perogies. 

             After the food truck festival we were going to take the 2 pm bus but ended up on the 130 pm bus just to ride around on the route. I ended up having the bus driver I use to have on my regular route out of my area from the studio here and also on another route I was on as well. In conclusion to this blog today on this Father Day's Sunday, I had a great time on Friday and I am planning on attending to attend again next year, it may not be a big event but it is well worth to attend and worth the money for quality food. 


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