Monday, August 31, 2020

We Have Reached 100K On!

               Over the weekend, we officially hit the 100k mark here on the website which is amazing to be honest and thought it wouldn't be till this week but you guys proved me wrong and we officially passed the 100k mark and making our way up to 200k and so forth! I'd love to see the site hit 1M views at one point of time. It will but right now, we continue to keep on growing this website and we have a ton of stuff happening and we recently and I cannot say exactly what but that is besides the point as this is about the viewership. Yet we are told oh you don't get the views when that is utterly false technically, we are happily getting a ton of views per day and every day is different and to be honest it fluctuates from day to day as it is a different story each and everyday. I was guessing that we would of hit 100k by the New Year which is months but you have to realize tho with the amount of views a day it adds up in the end to be honest. This all happened on Saturday afternoon while I was talking to Eric and that was when that happened all together and I was excited, I was so thrilled we hit 6 figures in the views and hopefully we can start earning again and that is a story for another day which more then likely I will not ever tell I don't think.

                 I want to thank you guys for your continuing support and it is because of you guys that we are still here to this almost 6 years later and we are getting and becoming a stronger group and we will continue to strive and get stronger as I said there is even more bigger plans in the works and I am excited to announce an additional thing on the website but it is currently in the works right now but with the amount of views we get daily, this is the right time to slowly continue to expand on the website. Now I am not talking about thousands of views a day, I am more talking about a few hundred at the most 100 - 300 a day which is a lot more then we had since we decided to go into the .com website in 2019 that is when things started to pick up in the views so it goes to show. The fact that we also built our own menu bar from scratch and customized it to our liking and that is another big breaking point which brought in more views. The more features we added to the website the better! 


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