Sunday, August 30, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [08-30-2020]

            This is our last Weekly blog post for the month of August as we are heading into the fall and September this week, I do have some updates for you guys that are great updates for this week. Again another busy week for Chris and the rest of us here at CBOTW and we have been so busy lately it is unreal. Here are the updates:

Power Rangers Podcast: Chris has officially finished Wild Force and the podcast has been put to the side at this moment as he is working on other projects that is more important but this week he's gonna hopefully get back into it and back into the groove of things for that so he can be ready for end of September when him and Larry record the next one via Skype. 

 Podcasts: He wanted me to make it clear to you guys that he is planning to record podcasts via Skype as he is not planning on opening the studio to his team at this moment as this pandemic isn't over yet and he is planning to keep it closed till start of January 2021 at this moment. So this means Entertainment Man Podcast episodes with the team or Power Rangers Podcast will be recorded through Skype or StreamYard. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris has completed episode # 6 notes and will be working on recording it this week and editing it as he will be returning to it this week and he is very excited to be returning to the podcast after a 5 month hiatus, he is getting back into it. 

6th Anniversary: We are in full steam ahead with Anniversary planning and we have to do one last thing and that is record an anniversary podcast for just the website alone, edit it and have it ready to post and for the most part we will be ready minus scheduling the Live Stream that day and we will have a full schedule out this week from Chris himself, not sure what day it will be on but it will be this week. 


         There is the updates for the week and we had a ton more to say this week as we have a lot ahead of us and looking forward to getting a ton more stuff done this week so we can start releasing this stuff to you guys in the very nearby future and we're on a very busy time of the year even without going to events, we are still very much busy with things. Till next week, have a great week and I will speak to you guys next week!


- CBOTW Team

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