Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Neon Abyss and GTA 5 Fail and Rage Quit

                Well, I have become a rage machine when it comes to gaming I not only raged quit two games but deleted and got my money back on one of the games. I will start with that, I got my money back for what I spent on Neon Abyss as it was way too hard for me to play and it was me getting so pissed off at myself for sucking and yet the demo made it look not that hard to be honest and I went very far so I do not know what on earth that happened and maybe it wasn't meant. I really had a ton of high hopes when it came to this game but I tried a few runs and I went from normal to easy and that didn't even help whatsoever so I was so frustrated with that I just gave up and got my money back for what I spent on the game and I'm sure there will be other games I wanna play in the very nearby future.

                 Now to the part of me really raging. Grand Theft Auto 5. I was doing the Hillbillies mission and I just felt like 2 - 2.5 mins wasn't enough. I struggled with it and I was getting so mad I deleted the game and I own the game and I have it if I chose to ever play it but I think it is going to be on the shelf for now and I think there will not be a day where I play that again. To be honest there is other games I can play and I am really thinking about reinstalling Spelunky and it is easy to restore it as I did not get a refund on the game so it is very easy to reinstall and I am getting far with it and thinking smarter and it will take me some time to get further but that is for another post for another day. Anyways maybe I need to focus on other games and honestly I have played Grand Theft Auto 5 before and beaten it so it is time to move on.


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