Wednesday, September 2, 2020

ChrisBOnThe Web 6th Anniversary Schedule

             Hey everyone, Chris gave me the OK as he's swamped with work right now for ChrisBOnTheWeb and to actually talk to you guys about the schedule for this event. We are 100% sure on this schedule and we are 100% sure on this schedule and we have already gotten majority of it done already for the anniversary minus the podcast, Chris & Larry are going to do which needs to be recorded. Anyways here is what is on the schedule for this years Anniversary: 


9 am EST: Good Morning and Anniversary Message (Facebook)
11 am EST: Daily Blog Post  (
2 pm EST: Collaboration Podcast W/ Larry (, Audio ONLY)
4 pm EST: IGTV Videos that never aired on Facebook before (Facebook)
6 pm EST: Anniversary Video (Facebook)
7 pm EST: Facebook Live With The Staff and Alumni (Facebook Live)


          Well there is our schedule and it is pretty much now set into stone what the plan is and I am excited to see what he has put up on the Fan Page celebrate this very special occasion as we are getting closer and closer to our 10th Anniversary which will be even bigger anniversary and it will be exciting and you never know what he (Chris) has in stored for that.  All of this will be happening on Saturday, November 14th, 2020 starting at 9 am EST. 

- CBOTW Team

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