Thursday, September 3, 2020

We've Gotten Complaints...

           In the last week, we have gotten complaints about why the heck Everything About Reality TV is listed under the podcasts. Let me explain, it is there under Archives so it is visible so you guys know which podcasts are archived from the network. I know it can eventually get a little overwhelming and I know Chris should of kept it Archives and if that is what you guys are insinuating you rather have it that way then maybe that is something Chris can definitely look into going back but he is very much happy with the way he has it right now but in the end he wants to make you guys happy. He does these things for a specific reason but I told him as I was typing this up and he has gone back to the old method but 10 times better then what he had it before as it has images but you guys can check it out for yourself by going here: I hope you guys continue to tell us what you would like to see and we will make it happen minus a chatroom as that proved to be a disaster in the past and we do not think it is the right idea but that could be up for debate with the rest of the team but just let us know.

             We had a troll issue where they were being bossy and disrespectful. We value your ideas to CBOTW and the website but don't boss us around. Chris has  a set timetable for Entertainment Man Podcast and no guests in the very near future not at least till January or early 2021 at this moment. Please if there is an issue with the website, a bug or something is out of place or not big enough, please let us know. Please send us a DM on any of the social medias that we have on here or email through our contact page here on the website or please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime if you got a question or concern with the website and we will be sure to get a fix to the website right away so that issue is fixed. 

- CBOTW Team

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