Monday, September 7, 2020

Planning To Roll Out A New Feature On The Website!

            We are no longer going to be broadcasting our Podcasts on our Fan Page. No it's not cause of copyright or anything it's more we more then likely will be getting more listeners on our website as we will be getting a ton more traffic right here on our website and we have a good chance of success too. As you probably noticed that we have the chat and same rules apply as before.

              When I created this page I yet to add the actual rules to the page which more then likely be at the bottom which will be our playground area where you can find the rules. One thing we will do is lock the chat down when there is no podcasts live to ensure that there there is nobody spamming, insulting and disrespect will find you banned.  We are not going to tolerate it to be honest and we have learned from this in the past. The feature is starting to be tested by the hosts that are currently active and the shows that are currently active Live on the Website Live Feed are: 

Power Rangers Podcast (Larry and I)

Sports Hour W/ Bulldog (Billy)

(CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Jeff) When it returns. Podcast is in pre-production right now.

                 There is the just the beginning as we are rolling out new features and ideas to grow this website and this is just the most perfect time to take to our website as the numbers are insane. We are not rolling out the Live Stream Page yet as we need to test the other host on it aka Billy and just hope he's cool with the idea of us actually doing it on the website but it is my website, I am the boss, just wanna make sure the team are happy with my decisions as that wasn't the case once with my old team at one time. We will let you guys know when the Live Page actually is live on the website publicly. 


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