Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Will I Still Stream On Facebook and Instagram Live?

              Now with the announcement of the new Live Feature for Podcasts has been made the question I have is will I continue to do streams on Facebook and Instagram from time to time? The answer is yes. When I have a chance or announcement to make, I will most definitely go live and you can withhold me to that and right now there is no other announcement but I am not a fan of the live feature on Facebook and Instagram but if I need to make an announcement I definitely will. Don't expect it to be every day or couple of times a week. You will know when I go live to know what the announcement as you will be notified. I know I have had more requests for me to do live streams on the fan page and I would love to but I am a very busy person from maintaining the website to doing these posts to my own podcast and help getting the hosts onto the air as well as I am the one that setup that feature and the one that  has the key to the door to our stream on the website.

                Anyways, that is what I have to say and I know I am only going to be live on Facebook and my Instagram and I know you're going to ask what about the website well that is another story but in a nutshell I will be only live for Power Rangers Podcast at this point as you know my days for broadcasting are slim to non of me ever being a regular caster and as you know Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is 3 times a year and I wanna save the airwaves for the other podcasts to be honest and when I said I am semi retired from casting I meant it and mainly if I was to cast it would be off my website or on the CBOTW social media's at this point. We've been banned off of Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. However I mean it I will pop up here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com and socials from time to time but don't expect it to be often. Thank you for continuing to read on a daily basis and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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