Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies!

              Today, I would like to talk about my favorite Laurel and Hardy Movies or short films as they called it back in the day! Now I have touched based last week who got me into them and what not and now it's time to give you guys a few episodes that I actually do enjoy so here they are:

1) Sons of The Desert- I believe this was the original episode but do not quote me on that I do not know the actual order which has a ton of stupidity but hilarious in the same way and Stanley dancing around when they were back at their apartment door steps. 

2) Be Big- The episode where the two of them made an excuse to their wives to go out instead of a trip however that backfired and wives came home and they sure found out Oliver wasn't sick and their schemes.

3) Swiss Miss-  Where they are in Switzerland and they are movers and had to move the piano across a bridge that moves as you are going on and honestly didn't look safe but there was also a monkey involved. It was hilarious!

4) The fourth and final one on my list and there is other ones but again as I have said this before in the past I cannot make a overly long list but there are others, however the 4th and final one on my list is the Flying Deuces where Oliver is in love and found out the girl he loves is married  and they enlisted themselves into the army to find out the husband of the girl he loves is in there and in the end they are flying in an airplane and Oliver comes back as a donkey meanwhile Stanley is himself! Worth the hour and a bit of the full length episode!

              There is my list and some of the ones I really enjoy to watch and have to binge watch some of these and other ones I enjoy as well. I hope you guys enjoyed my little bit of my favorite Laurel and Hardy episodes I enjoy. I  will see you guys in the next post tomorrow at Noon eastern, have a wonderful Wednesday!


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