Sunday, December 8, 2019

Today Is The Moment of Truth!

              With the studio is complete disarray I have been starting to doubt when the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is going to be returning and with Christmas now around the corner it is starting to question when this space will return back to normal again and I am probably going to be guessing by February things should return to normal again I hope which means today, I have to sit down with Larry and discuss the collaboration podcast future recording session. I have been thinking about it for the past couple of days to be honest and I have been weighing so many darn options and think it is just best to wait till the full setup is done and finished to ensure we have a proper setup especially with the other microphone which is currently once again put away till the construction of this studio is officially finished up which right now it is extremely hard to get access to things within this studio at the moment. I am going to tell Larry February and that is the official confirmation I want to give you guys for now but no exact date to when it will be recorded right now till I know further and give Larry the OK or green light to come over so we can record the podcast and get it out to you guys.

                 When we are about to record I will make sure to do a post a week in advance when we record and when it will be coming out to you guys. Just right now this studio is in disarray and there is no other way to hook up the second boom which is currently in a box along with the green screen as well. So today will really test how much further we have to go till I finish up the Lightspeed Rescue which mind you I am really enjoying more then the first time I tried to watch it and lost complete interest however now, I have to try and have an open mind now collaborating with Larry twice a year well 3 times next year as I am adding a 3rd to make up for the lost time that we missed with this year so this year coming up, 2020 we will definitely be making up for loss time that we missed and I can tell you guys this, once Lightspeed is finished I am moving into Time Force immediately with no break on it whatsoever so this way I can be ready for June very quickly as well. So today is definitely going to be an interesting day for him and I discussing the podcast and get our crap together as we keep saying it's coming back and yet there hasn't been a day but today is a true test of when we will be ready to go and I will have a confirmation later in the week to what the story is but this is only my thoughts how I am feeling but as you guys are reading this, I am discussing things with him and I'll let you know this week at some point.

- Chris 

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