Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Been Re-Adjusting Things After a Busy Fall Season!

             After the fall podcast has been wrapped up since last week, been in full swing to finishing up Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue which in the New Year I am sure that I will have an update or idea when we will be coming back whether I am moved back to the regular desk or not. Yesterday, I binged watched several episodes and even napped for 3 hours to just to continue as soon as I am finished Trakeena's Revenge (2) episode I am about 9 episodes to finished! By the time you see this though, I am probably very close to finished or finished it completely. Anyways I think I have officially started transitioning into the off season outside of being behind the mic constantly I have started working on Off Season Podcasts and I have officially started working on the preview podcast for Survivor: Winners At War which I will have done soon enough then on top of that started working on a Survivor Off Season Podcast so I got some stuff in the works for sure. Also my new host I'm sure they will be doing 1 or 2 and also I have an Amazing Race is in the works so we have a bunch of stuff. I plan to take some time off from working on Power Rangers once the final notes is finished so I can work on the off season stuff. So either way as you can see I am working on new content for you guys.

           I honestly have transitioned very quickly and getting things done. As you know Christmas is coming and I am going to work between the holidays to get things done and I am going to honestly take my time. It will take me another week or so to get back into the swing of planning and that is pretty much standard coming off what has been a very long year for us but in the end, I will still find something to do on my time off and adjusting to the off season very quickly as I am finding a bunch of stuff to do between. Also been making best with my time but yes I will be off today till Boxing Day to spend time with my family and plan on watching TV catching up on shows on my time off and probably will not be around my PC much unless I write a blog post or am on it when my niece and nephew are. Anyways there will be a post tomorrow to wish you all a Merry Christmas and what I have planned and what not so be on the look out for that.


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