Friday, December 13, 2019

Toronto Distillery Christmas Market 2019

              Wednesday afternoon, I got to go with my dad and honestly I really didn't want to go but I went and I had a ton of fun once I got there. Yea I was tired and I once again didn't sleep or didn't sleep at all and by the time you see this post I am already on the road to meet up with 2 of my former staff. Anyways we took the Go Train and yes I had to refill my Presto as I may have ran right out by the time I got home but that is besides the point. The train trip takes me about 45 minutes from here to there and that is OK honestly. We got there we had to take a subway and a streetcar there but least its not as long as last year as we got stuck at a station due to a damn signal ahead so this year we were a little worries. We got there we had dinner first which was Perogies which I will be posting up a second post up for you guys this afternoon at 3 pm EST. 

                There was a socks booth, chocolate booth, Melted Swiss Cheese, Poutine which again I will explain that part in my Food Review later on when I post up the blog post later on.  they also have a smores booth which is very yummy, Wishing Well, drinks both normal and alcoholic which I just had a hot chocolate due to my meds which next year I am taking before I leave for the event this way I can join my dad. Of course they had a tree and it was blue and white with the big shiny balls and I can imagine the comments to this post from you guys... smh.  However some of the lights were off and I thought they would of checked the lights or they just burnt out so they will probably have to replace em. We had a good time one way or another and the time we were there went very fast and just enjoyed ourselves as we always do. This does conclude events locally and also in Toronto for 2019 and 2020 is close to coming I am already excited for the events in 2020 which pretty much are the same the events as this year but with some adjustments that I need to make in 2020. I will talk to you in the next post later on today for the Food Review.


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