Saturday, October 10, 2020

Will Be Trying PGA Tour 2k21 Again Eventually!

                As you know by a post from a former Staff member of mine which he isn't going to help me anymore as I am no longer speaking to them at this moment which I will not get into details about that. I am going to try PGATour2K21 again and I think I know what I am doing wrong. I think I am not setting the point where I wanna hit the ball. I am just not aiming to the right spot whatsoever to where the ball is suppose to go and that could of definitely one of my downfalls. Another thing is I get too flustered with the game and I mean very flustered with it and I get so mad at the game I end up rage quitting at the end and leaving it for a long time. I wanna try and do well and don't get me wrong I have been in the minus above even so to speak in Golf language. However I am glad I didn't get a refund as I played more then 2 hours so it kind of worked out in the end and I can give this game another shot just like another certain video game that I mean, cough, cough "Spelunky 2" hahaha! 

               Anyways I will have a review eventually soon give me till November before I decide to do an review on the game, I wanna take the time and really dig into this game and actually see if I can win a tournament which has yet to happen but I was up there at one point but totally fell apart. However I am starting fresh and to be honest I am not really sure if it is still there the progress that I have made since I deleted or uninstalled the game from my computer so I would have to reinstall it to find out really if my progress is saved as recently been having some technical issues with games and with me having some time off, I will be able to fix the game and actually play a bit as this weekend is Thanksgiving up here in the great white north. So I wish you fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving and I promise you guys I will tell you guys what I did on Tuesdays post but in the meantime I will see you guys in tomorrow's post which sounds weird to say as I normally do not do posts on Sundays! LOL.


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