Sunday, October 11, 2020

Weekly Updates For [10-11-2020]

              I changed the title of this post just because I am entirely solo now with the help of 3 people, Charlotte, Tiala and Billy we're going to make this even more a big success especially after a situation last night which I will not talk about but I know in the end I made the right decision to stay on the solo path and I couldn't be any happier. Now as my announcement said I am still collaborating with my partner in snow crime as I call him, Larry aka the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and also Entertainment Man Podcast my personal podcast is still up and running.  So I will also update you on some of the remaining team (CBOTW) Tiala and along with Charlotte will maintaining the Facebook Page and Charlotte will be the Head Mod here on starting Tuesday Morning at 9 am EST when the chat will come out of broadcast mode as you probably noticed the chat page reappeared and has been up nearly 24 hours and outstanding amount of views both on the Chat Community and not only the chat community but the site itself has over 300 views so I can see the difference. Removing the chat community I added to this website really brought the viewers down. This brings more people on and they tend to stay on my website more cause of more content. 

             Now that the website and Management and Moderation Team have been announced as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is going nowhere to be honest and same goes with Power Rangers Podcast that is going nowhere with the odd Collaboration Podcast here and there as well this is a new beginning and I am not reversing anything or changing anything moving forward. I am planning to continue to grow my community as an individual but I got two great teams that are there to help me right through all the tough times and decisions that have to be made. I promise to not add anymore podcasts at this moment and just work with what I have as I do not want to overwhelm myself. I know this is kind of out of the norm to what I normally do on a weekly update but I kind of like doing this format from time to time and it is nice to switch it up honestly and maybe I will do that.


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