Friday, July 14, 2023

List of Games I Am Currently Play!

            This is a list of games, I am currently playing:

- American Truck Simulator: Playing for a while now

- Car For Sale 2023: Just got it and buggy, will talk about it tomorrow's post.

- Contraband Police: Got it not long ago, kind of stuck

- Enter The Gungeon: Just got it and haven't played it yet. 

- Euro Truck Simulator: Play it from time to time will more on stream eventually. 

- Farming Simulator: Been playing it for the last several years and play it from to time.

- Fornite:  I do play it from time to time and maybe I will play on Stream perhaps but it will depend how I feel.

- Goat Simulator: I play it from time to time and probably a game that will not be streamed when I start to stream more. 

NBA 2K23: I do play it and not sure if I will stream it on YouTube, just concerned about copyright with the music and getting my channel shutdown but I do not plan on monetizing my channel anyways!

- Minecraft: There is some loose ends I want to finish up with the server before I call it wraps with the video game all together as I am planning to stop playing unless it's a modded Minecraft. 

- Spelunky 2: I want to try and play the game on stream and get further as I have struggled.

- Stardew Valley: I want to continue and get more achievements on the game, a lot of things I need to work on with it.  

- The Sims 3 & 4: Due to copyright last time I tried to do the game on YouTube they slapped me with copyright. So will be off stream.

- Teardown: Fun game but will be playing it off stream on my own time. 

- Thief Simulator: Another great game and definitely will be stream worthy especially I start to rage a bit. 

            But those are the games I am playing and I'm sorry for the long post but hey you guys get a bonus lengthy post but as always talk to you all tomorrow.



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